Anonymous: I somehow don't believe (and I feel bad talking about it cause I was myself not believed when I was deadly serious about bad things) the thing about shitting in bags, and keeping it under bed and not showering for 6 months. For me it would simply cause death, it's the only option in such sanitary condition. I also kind of think somebody (parents, friends, doctors, social security or even neighbours) for sure would do something...

I know. I honestly just don’t know what to say about that ask.

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sellinqsolace: Ok so Tara I love you and you're one of my favourite blogs BUT YOUR ANONS!!! OMG I'm not a violent person BUT THEY MAKE ME WANT TO HURT PEOPLE (more specifically them lolll), anon, who the fuck do you think you are comparing your illness to Tara's?!?

I know right!! god help me dealing with these anons esp the ones who think they’re psychiatrists!!!! thank you for your message ily <3

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Klaudija Visockyte

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Brand New - Jesus Christ


Brand New - Jesus Christ

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Anonymous: continued. and i go to an outpatient treatment program for adolescents with mental illness and I'm currently on Prozac and olanzapine, i do have severe anxiety to the point of when i was at school i would run out of the classroom to go throw up so please keep your judgments to yourself, and lastly im sorry you had to go through that and i hope you are better now :)

I’m really sorry you had to go through that because I know it’s really tough. People judging and telling us that our problems aren’t bad enough to deserve help is selfish and I hope they feel ashamed of themselves.

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Anonymous: im the anonymous that sent you a message about having social anxiety ( not the attention seeking one but the other one) and I just wanted to say that firstly I'm androgynous so some people have a hard time figuring out if im female or male (im female) im sure if you had to deal with constant stares and comments youd be socially anxious too, and secondly I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was ten, I didn't even understand what it was I thought it meant anger problems and I knew I wasn't angry..
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Anonymous: why do people try glamourise depression

I have no idea. Its a horrific and very serious illness and it annoys the hell out of me when people try to glamourise it too.

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Anonymous: What the hell! Everyone has there own problems no matter how big or small and if they effect that person then it's a big deal. Sure that previous message is big but seriously depression is also something that can wreck a persons life. So don't go saying that depression isn't a problem over yours cause it sure fkn is

^ to the attention seeking anon

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